It’s getting hot out here

Within the last two weeks temperatures have been around -10 to -15 decrees Celsius during daytime, although we experience 24 hours of sunlight each day. We even have to wear sun cream at night.


By the summer solstice, on the 21st December, everywhere south of the Antarctic Circle (66°S), the sun will shine for an entire day. In some places all this solar radiation can melt the ice on the surface. This leads to turquoise blue melt water ponds and large melt water channels. Luckily, as it is early summer, the lake and rivers on the Darwin Glacier are still frozen and we can travel across them.


We already see the first sign of surface melting so we need to get our research done before it gets to hot out here!

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1 Response to It’s getting hot out here

  1. Sebastian says:

    Been really enjoying your updates! The area you’re working in is stunning.. what a great view every day 🙂 Hope you’re all well and enjoying life on the ice, all my best to everyone!


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