The moment of truth

We left our instruments set up to the last moment on the glacier to record as long as possible. After 13 hours of collecting the 10 field stations we are now back at camp.

Tonight we can finally find out if the highly sensitive instrumentation could resist the harsh Antarctic conditions and captured the processes within the grounding zone. It all comes down to this very moment which decides about the success of our campaign. With cold fingers we hit Enter on the computer and after a couple of seconds which felt like ages our tired eyes see the first promising results. But celebration has to wait until we are back at Scott Base. Now we have to prepare for our departure from here tomorrow morning.


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2 Responses to The moment of truth

  1. Marion Wild says:

    Crossed fingers for the TIDEx Team !!!


  2. Marion Wild says:

    congratulation to the whole team, seems to be a wonderful success


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