What should I wear today ? The kiwi spacesuit !

Finally it’s  time to get dressed up – our flight to Antarctica is soon. Temperatures at Scott Base are currently down to -16 °C or 3.2 °F, and this is even without the cooling effect of  wind… brrrrr…

What to wear in such conditions ? We are lucky enough to be equipped with the warmest clothes that we can ask for: Thick down jackets, merino thermals and platform boots to keep us warm. But how on Earth should I use seven pairs of gloves ?!

It’s only necessary to wear all the clothes at the same time during blizzards. Or when you want to feel like an “Ice-tronaut” and pose hard for pictures. But normally, I wear the soft-shell jacket with the puffer underneath and the salopettes above the thermals. We wear these clothes during the days while working on the ice, but usually sleep only with our thermals on.



Our flight was postponed for a day, which gave me enough time to enjoy a delicious roast with my New Zealand granny. Thanks Rose !

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