“We’re leaving… on two Hägglunds”


Everything is packed and we are ready to head out to Windless Bight. In our equipment are 11 Scott Polar tents, 6 food boxes, 20 pee barrels, and a lot of spirit for adventure.

We fit all our gear on 2 cubers, which are mounted on 2 sleds and then squeeze 19 people in the vehicles. After arriving at our field site, we will organize the camp (pitching tents/digging a kitchen/putting up a toilet tent/etc) and then have delicious (freeze-dried) dinner out of a bag. I guess there won’t be a birthday cake for our student Bob (only a birthday muesli-bar)  – Happy Birthday Bob !

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1 Response to “We’re leaving… on two Hägglunds”

  1. Wild Marion says:

    Good luck for the crew in Windless Bight 👍


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