Tiki-tour to a “Room with a view”

Today we went on a trip to “Room with a view” – an exposed viewpoint which is high above our camp site. From here we could see glaciers and crevasses on the slopes of Mt. Erebus. Personally, I was most excited about having a closer look onto the Erebus Glacier Tongue (a large glacier flowing off Mt. Erebus and into the Ross Sea). In the distance, ice-bergs were floating in the open ocean as the chinese ice-breaker “Xuelong (Snow Dragon)” was breaking its way through the sea-ice to reach the nearby McMurdo station. The views from up here were overwhelming and made us realize once more, how important it is to protect this pristine environment for future generations.

see the 30 km long ice-berg in the background !!!

crevasses on Mt. Erebus


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