Midnight Sun in Antarctica

Geetings from a very stunning night at Hut Point. We just returned from a late-night whale-spotting session near Captain Scott’s Discovery Hut. We saw Adelie penguins, Weddell seals and even Minke whales in the opean water just in front of us – and all that while the midnight sun was shining in bright orange colours… what an unforgetable experience !

The students very much enjoyed our “night out” and I was impressed by how much they have learned about marine life in the Ross Sea. Some seals filter out small animals (Krill) through their teeth, while others even store fish for later !


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2 Responses to Midnight Sun in Antarctica

  1. Marion Wild says:

    Great pics from the coolest place on earth !


  2. Vik says:

    Do you have any pic of the sun on the opposite side of this?


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