The Acid Test, V5

Is there deep-water-soloing in New Zealand ? Yes ! The Acid Test is an awesome roof boulder over the Takaka river and normally a great way to cool off after a hard days climbing. Last weekend, however, the Acid Test became our warm-up climb for our Easter trip to Golden Bay. It is an absolute maze and every time you climb it you will find a new sequence through the roof. The key move is a mantle over the lip – most comfortably done as a muscle up on your elbows, as your forearms will be completely pumped after the roof. Legend has it that, once upon a time, the first ascent was done by a dude on acid listening to his walkman… no chalk, no shoes allowed !


A huge thanks to Pete “Thunderstrike” Hall for working on the sequence and Joe “Hailstorm” Zonneveld for his enthusiasm. Feet on the roof and send it boyz !

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2 Responses to The Acid Test, V5

  1. Wild Marion says:

    Oh this crazy Wild-Boy
    No wonder about your damaged hands, especially the fingertips !!!
    Your climbing moves are like a crab and so you don’t fall in the cold water, yeah 😃
    I would say : “That”s the way, aha aha, I like it, aha!”
    Be always careful my Wild-Boy 💪


  2. Gerhard says:

    Your power is unbeliefable, the next step will be fishing at the same time with a line around your tooth, I persume.
    Greetings your Pa


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