Danger zone !

Sunday – funday. I wanted to test a kite for the upcoming trip to Antarctica this morning. But as it was the calmest day ever seen in Christchurch, my friend Bev and I went out for a morning surf and then we headed to the Cave – our local rock-climbing crag. Long story short, we climbed, yelled a lot and ate chocolate. It was a great day off “thesising” and catching up with friends to talk about climbing. Many thanks for this distraction guys, I can’t wait for the time after I SENT my PhD project 😛

Dangerzone from Christian Wild on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Danger zone !

  1. Gerhard Wild says:

    Climbing- Pa is watching Dangerzone totally breathless and very proud – climbing with such a power and motion with souplesse: gratulation and greetings to all cave-people

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  2. Wild Marion says:

    Climbing- Ma is speechless, to see Chriz – “Riding on the Highway to the Dangerzone” – incredible!
    I know, you like it so much, to feel the rock´s and with this great sound from Kenny Loggins, it seems you are flying.
    Happy people in the cave – awesome

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