Antarctic Fashion


What clothes do we wear in Antarctica ? We are fortunate enough to be equipped with ECW – Extreme Cold Weather gear from Antarctica New Zealand. Warm merino underwear, followed by comfy fleece pants and a sweater, a puffer and a soft-shell jacket and ultimately the big down jacket. We also have woolen socks, a fleece scarf and a selection of gloves to choose from. Our shoes have a thick rubber sole to protect our toes from the cold glacier surface. The most important thing however is your most favorite beanie – as this is the only piece of equipment to make us look individually on pictures. For this expedition, my friends in Christchurch gave me a new one. It has the word ‘Glacier’ written on it, thanks guys !



PS: Due to bad weather in Antarctica, our flight is currently delayed and our team is stuck in Hobart, Tasmania. All fingers, fins and flippers crossed for tomorrow !

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