Let me introduce the team

‘Team work makes our Dream work”


The members of our team need to cover all aspects of polar research. These range from scientific expertise and logistical know-how, to following the environmental code of practice and keeping everybody safe’n sound while we are on the ice. I must say that it is absolutely amazing what can be achieved with a motivated team.

Reinhard Drews is a specialist in remote-sensing of anything that involves ice. He has been in Antarctica several times already and will be responsible for using the new GPRI radar system. He is particularly interested in spatial and temporal changes of ice-flow velocity on the glacier surface. His passion for anything frozen is expressed by his most favorite quote “Be nice to ice”, which is also the title of his webpage. DCIM101GOPROGOPR5152.JPG

Richard  ‘Botts’ Bottomley is a mountain guide from New Zealand  but he will also assist with the installation of our instruments. He is a keen mountaineer who is living on the South Island’s Wild-Wild-Westcoast. His outgoing character is invaluable for this collaboration to bridge the language boundaries at the Korean base “Jang Bogo”.


Patrick Power is the “Planning and Delivery Manager of Antarctica New Zealand”. This is because “Genius” isn’t an official job title yet. He takes logistics personal and will make sure that we get the support which is required to ultimately answer our science objectives. It’s a pleasure to have him onboard – but don’t tell him until we have all our gear…


I am lucky enough to say that I do what I love. I would simply like to understand the processes behind tidal velocity fluctuations of glaciers. To find an answer, I bring my terrific toy box of GPS receivers, tiltmeter and GPR sensors, cameras and kites to the Priestley Glacier and am going to science the ‘snowflake’ out of it.


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1 Response to Let me introduce the team

  1. Wild Marion says:

    Ma is happy to know the team now. It sounds very good and I hope your expedition returns to Jang Bogo “health and safety” with lots of informative measurements in the luggage!
    Stay fit ma


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