Jang Bogo welcomes us

The team arrived at Jang Bogo station ! After a day of settling in, we made the best out of the blue sky and just returned from the second day trip to the glacier. We found a suitable location for our future campsite and have already installed three (out of five) stations on the Priestley Glacier. The area is absolutely stunning with breathtaking views of Antarctica, but I would first like to underline the Korean hospitality at Jang Bogo station. Although our language might be different, the base staff always finds a way to point us in the right direction. The food is a more than welcome difference to 2$ rice at the University of Canterbury (which is unfortunately my usual diet). Every morning at 7am, the base call wakes everyone up at base with a selection of Korea’s best Pop music songs – there is so much more than “Gangnam Style”.

For breakfast we have Kimchi, which is mostly served as a cabbage-soup. Followed with white rice and fish, or other forms of meat. I can’t remember lunch at the moment, but the chef made us “Big Mac style” sandwiches today. And for dinner, our Korean collaborator Joohan surprised us tonight with “sam jop sa”. This stands for “three layer meat” and a Korean speciality – Porkbelly ! An absolute highlight after a long day on the glacier. I will see if there are any leftovers…

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1 Response to Jang Bogo welcomes us

  1. polar.rack says:

    So cool…I should have come along! All the best to the team!!


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