Where do we sleep ?

At Jang Bogo station we sleep in bunk-beds with four people sharing one room. In the field, we sleep in Scott Polar tents with pairs of two sharing one tent. This is not only because a “buddy system” is always good practice in Antarctica, but it also gets  significantly warmer with two explorers warming it up. Sleeping in Antarctica, however, is not only limited to tents as tired explorers always find a place for a quick nap. I have seen people falling asleep while sitting, kneeing or even standing in a corner. The reason for that ? There is a lot of  “cool” stuff to do in Antarctica and nobody wants to miss out.

But plenty of sleep is necessary to be sharp on the next day. Questions like: “In which of my 26 pockets did I just put my gloves ?” or  “Where did the tool go that I just had a second ago ?” are pretty good indicators for insufficient sleep… we will be heading to our field camp tomorrow, so I gonna hit the hay (and probably hit my head on the roof doing so).






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