What is funny in Antarctica ?

Staying motivated during long days of field work in the cold is important. It is as important as your pair of woolen socks. But how do you even smile when your face is really really cold ? You just call base and ask them for a penguin joke ! Here some that still crack me up:

  1. Where do penguins dance ? At the snow ball !
  2. What do penguins eat for lunch ? Ice burg-ers !
  3. Who’s a penguins favourite relative ? Aunt-arctica !

Spelling out long blog posts via HF-radio

But there are also other funny things to keep yourself and the team entertained. For example the phonetic alphabet ! At our daily radio-communication with the base, we sometimes have to spell out every single word of our messages. And once the message is relayed, you use your initials to end the radio communication: “Charlie Whiskey – over and out”. This ritual may easily take over and suddenly your name tag doesn’t show what it is supposed to show: your name ! See here what your Antarctic nick name would be and post a comment if this would beat “Whiskey Romeo”, which is currently is the all time best.


Ok ok, one more, I have yet one more… What is a penguin’s favorite salad ? Iceberg lattice ! Bahaha

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2 Responses to What is funny in Antarctica ?

  1. Stefan Wild says:

    Sierra Wiskey Bro! Probably a good ranking….


  2. Clay says:

    Thanks for being in antartica bro rock on


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