Back home – Safe’n Sound

G double o and b why e.... GOODBYE

We safely returned back to New Zealand ! After a couple of windy days at Jang Bogo, we hitched a ride on the ‘kiwi-herc’. The plane departed from the sea-ice runway, with strong crosswinds causing a rather adventurous take off. As we passed the Transantarctic Mountains, our friends from the nearby italian base Mario-Zucchelli even shared their precious pasta with us (Grazie Fratellini). Later, a crew member of the Royal New Zealand Air Force wasn’t super excited about me taking 360 photos inside the aircraft. Can you spot him ?

Inside a C130 Hercules in Antarctica

After six long hours we finally arrived in Christchurch around 3am. But how to finish such an expedition with style ? Reinhard and I decided to head straight to our local surf spot, where the rising sun greeted us with our first dawn in a month. How to stay warm after a cold kiwi surf ? Bring your Antarctic down jacket, duuude !



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2 Responses to Back home – Safe’n Sound

  1. Gillen Bilbao Baro says:

    Dr. Wild your lectures are music to my ears. Thank you very much for making complex issues easy to understand. We are seriously considering coming to NZ for a face to face interview. Do you have a mail to direct us to?

    All the best,

    Gillen Bilbao Baro
    MA in Communication and IT.

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  2. Johannes says:

    Christian oida Eisbär – geile Bilder!
    Best regards from the Isar river…
    Dr. Wagner

    Liked by 1 person

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