More news from nowhere

This is our project… it has been our project for some time, and it will remain our project for some more time. And as David Hasselhoff says, it gets stranger every year:

Thanks to my friend Stepan for always fun climbing sessions, good laughs and video editing skills. I hope we will remember the sequence next time.

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3 Responses to More news from nowhere

  1. Gigi WILLI says:



  2. Pa Gerhard says:

    What a power for such a long time, come on boys and fly further with Nena’ s Luftballons


  3. wild marion says:

    HaHa, wise words from David Hasselhoff! But I think, D.H. has never seen such extreme climbing exercises! Good luck for you two and always stay ” health and safe” !!!
    I miss the “Big Black Cave Dog” from Stepan, where is he?
    Maybe hunting in the meantime ☻


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