Woman-crush Wednesday


This woman crush Wednesday goes out to Tina Lutz. We have met a few years ago when I was testing a weather station in our backyard in New Zealand. Tina was travelling around the globe and came to visit my flatmates Sam’n Rohan in Christchurch. We got along very well, but she had to continue her travels to OZ and I deployed to Antarctica. After a suspiciously long hug, Tina gave me this sticker of her Bingo Club with the words: ‘Put it somewhere epic, Chriz !’

In the meantime I’ve been to the icy continent several times and still couldn’t decide on the best place for it… but on the plus side, I’m stoked to call Tina my girlfriend today.

This Wednesday marks 6 weeks I’ve been in Antarctica and is officially half way through our trip. I thank her for incredible support and am looking very much forward to seeing her soon in New Zealand where our story began. Much Aroha


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3 Responses to Woman-crush Wednesday

  1. Elke says:

    An extraordinarily personal post- love it!


  2. Wild Marion says:

    Ma happy, wenn lovely Tina im Februar am Flughafen steht und unser Polarchriz aus der Antarktis zurück kommt !!!


  3. Schöne Neuigkeiten Christian! Meinen Glückwunsch und alles Beste für 2020! 🙂


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