Into the deep field


Hello World from the Thwaites Glacier. We, the TARSAN team, have made it to our first study site in the Amundsen Sea. We have now established Cavity Camp and will finally start to acquire field measurements in the coming days.


Martin and Dale get their equipment ready to start drilling through the 400 meters of ice underneath our feet. They will stay close to our camp site together with Bruce, Ted and Doug who assemble the instruments that will go later down into the borehole. Blair and Cece will recce our travel routes and make sure that we only operate in safe terrain. Atsu and Karen head out for some seismic experiments. Erin and I will first focus on point measurements of ice thickness and later acquire radar profiles of ice thickness across the Thwaites Glacier. Let’s all cross our fingers (and flippers) that the weather cooperates and we get the job done bananas (or sardines).





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