First Field Measurements Are Surprising

After snowfall bound us to our tents for the last three days, clear blue skies and crisp conditions allowed the first field measurements on the Thwaites Glacier today. The ice is generally thinner than we have estimated from satellite data before coming to Antarctica. This is important because it indicates a change in the structural stability of this part of Thwaites Glacier. Underneath our camp, ice thickness is just about 300m, followed by 550m of ocean water to the sea floor.

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Due to the good flight conditions this evening we were also visited by a BBC crew. They are filming a new documentary about climate change in Antarctica and were really impressed by our beautiful Cavity Camp. As this is a collaboration between the US and the UK, we offered our new English friends a warm cup of tea – with water freshly melted from snow, and full cream milk powder to add these extra calories to keep them warm.


We are all very much looking forward to a busy time over the holidays as the weather forecast for Antarctica promises a White Christmas… Hohoho


Stay cool everyone,

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1 Response to First Field Measurements Are Surprising

  1. Pa Gerhard says:

    Wonderful, hope, if a bavarian team is visiting you, there is icecold beer to keep them in domestic conditions


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